Tiphaine Gourlay

team assistant

Tiphaine is pretty much always the first one in the office, so we don’t really know how many sun salutations she has done before the other kreateurs arrive. But since everything is so perfectly organized when they do, yoga seems to balance the turbulent daily routine of a creative agency perfectly.

In any case, Tiphaine has it flawlessly under control, day in day out, not least because of her diverse work experiences: secretary, head hunter, saleswoman, child minder, psychology student – we kind of have a hunch that all these previous positions can come in handy while working in a creative agency…

Above all Tiphaine succeeds in being simultaneously calm and resolute, she brings things in order and moves them forward. And, after work, when she isn’t teaching yoga, she unwinds by dancing or – as you would expect from a Frenchy – with good food and a glass of wine.