Total Pellets

No pellet is the same

TOTAL brings a lot of business divisions under its roof, all of them working toward the goal „to make energy better“. TOTAL Pellets is a perfect example, having been selling wooden pellets in Europe for years. The issue with wooden pellets is that they don’t really look like much. Moreover they pretty much all look the same. But this is exactly the kind of challenge we like here at kreateur. As soon as our creatives had the pellets in their hands, they started to lay them down in funny shapes – and there was the basis for a new communication strategy: We recognize the value of every pellet, even the smallest one.

Following this idea, we developed a mailing, printed ads and an online-marketing campaign with its micro-site –  all based on the premise „No pellet is the same!“


TOTAL Schmierstoffe

When the mailman brings pizza

It is always nice, especially in this era during which we are daily submerged by emails, to find something tangible on one’s desk. This was one of the thoughts that inspired us during the planning of a mailing for TOTAL Schmierstoffe (lubricants). And since we are invariably happy when hot pizzas are delivered in the agency, the final concept was almost unavoidable: we will send out pizza boxes! This way we had all in one; packaging, letter and alluring teaser – only the delicious content was omitted, but it was only a call away for the addresses. 

The best in all this was probably imagining the German mailmen suddenly walking around looking like pizza delivery boys.